Unpacking & User guide of Precise Brew® reusable filter

For the filter we have chosen a package in the form of an envelope to occupy the least possible space during transport aiming to contribute to the protection of the environment, through the lowest pollutants in the atmosphere.

At the bottom are listed the devices that are compatible with the filters and are accompanied by a box in which we note the number of filters that have been packaged.

For example: IMMERSION method (Bona Vita, Clever) x3

You can choose one or more of the dimensions of the openings, to satisfy your taste preferences.

  1.  20um: contribute to greater acidity (more acids)
  2.  25um: enriches the body (more oils)
  3.  Impulse: balances the intensity of its acidity and its texture
  4.  Cold Brew Booster (Speed up the cold extraction process)

Selecting three filters Precise Brew® with openings of 20um, the label will show as follows.

  1.  Each package contains a type of filter, the number of pieces in the package varies from 1-3
  2.  It is possible to place 3 items: 1x 20um, 1 x 25um & 1x impulse


Before the first use it will be necessary to wash the filter with hot water*. With hot water the filter softens and takes the form of the dripper that hosts it.

* Drinking water at 94⁰C
* The cleaning instructions contain information on the detergent specifications

In glassware such as “Chemex”, the filter acquires excellent adhesion when wet. By reversing the jug would find that the filter does not move from its position. The formation of the filter through the wetting with hot water is called in our application “ironing”.

Upon completion of the “ironing” the filter must be rinsed. Congratulations, you can enjoy your coffee filtered by Precise brew filter.

Please do not forget to collect the used coffee separately. It is an excellent fertilizer.

After the completion of the filter cycle uses, place it in the recycling bin.

Devices that are compatible with the filters
Hario V60 No2
Tiamo No2
Origami No2
Hario V60 No1
Tiamo No1
Origami No1
Chemex 6 cups
Clever Dripper
Bonavita Press
Gina Smart/Basic
Delter Coffee Press
Cold Brew Systems
Filter Coffee Machines
Batch Brewer

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