1.1 The current policy is implemented on the use of the services provided by the company PRECISE BREW® FILTER (SOFIA BIKOUVARAKI) wherever, whenever and to whoever they may be provided.

1.2 The current policy creates the basis for the processing and use of the personal data we collect from you.

1.3 Processor

The Company is the only Processor of your personal data.

1.4 Data Protection Officer

The Company employs a Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) which has some very important responsibilities, including:

  • Controlling of the Company’s compliance with the GDPR and the rest of the relevant legislation
  • Raising awareness in the Company regarding personal data protection issues.
  • Informing and training all the Company’s employees regarding personal data protection.
  • Cooperation with the supervising authority, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (‘HDPA’).

If you have any questions concerning this policy, including any queries you may have regarding the exercise of your legal rights, please contact us or directly the DPO at [email address] or on the phone [phone number].

1.5 Complaints

You have the right to submit a complaint to the HDPA office, the supervising authority regarding personal data protection (http://www.dpa.gr). However, we would appreciate if you could give us the opportunity to solve any issue that might arise, before communicating with the HDPA and therefore, in case of any problem please contact us immediately.

We want to be clear regarding how we treat your personal data.

  • We are committed on keeping your data strictly confidential and safe.
  • We will never sell your personal data to anybody.
  • We collect only the personal data that is reasonably necessary for fulfilling our contractual obligations to you and for the period of time that is necessary.
  • We allow you to process your data if you want to do so.

2.1 Our website uses cookies that allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and see how these visitors use our website. The only personal data which is stored by our website is your IP address, a fact that allows us to improve our website and provide you with better and faster surfing experience.


We collect and process the following personal data:

3.1 «Sender’s data»: This data is provided to us by you when you request delivery of a good or product, in order to be able to complete our service to you. This data may include name, telephone number, address, tax registration number and email.

3.2 «Recipient’s data»: This data is provided by the sender of a good or product in order to make a delivery of a good or product possible. This data may include name, telephone number, address, tax registration number and email.


Below you can find the purposes of using and processing the personal data of each aforementioned category.

4.1 Sender’s data: This data is used for:

  • Sufficiently fulfilling our contractual obligations by providing our best service to you.
  • Informing you regarding any problem may arise relevant with the service you have requested.
  • Communicating with you for reasons concerning your shipping. For example in case there is something wrong with our services or when the item sent arrives to its destination.
  • Keeping you up to date concerning any offers about products and services provided by our company. This can only happen if we have your expressed consent.

4.2 Recipient’ s Data: This data is used for:

  • Sufficiently fulfilling our contractual obligations by providing our best service to according to our contractual duties owed to the sender.
  • To provide the service as it is the main activity of our company.
  • Communicating with the recipient for reasons concerning your shipping. For example in case there is something wrong with our services or when the item sent arrives to its destination.

Associates who are processing data

5.1 We will be disclosing your collected data to specified third parties, strictly only when it is necessary to carry out your shipping and to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.

5.2 The aforementioned associates will use your data securely with confidentiality and under strict contractual obligations owed to our company due to written agreements concerning data protection in accordance with the law and the EU Regulation of GDPR.

5.3 With our associates we only share the personal data that are necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you and the successful fulfillment of our services.

5.4 Furthermore, we maintain the right to disclose your personal data to the following explicitly described occasions:

  • If we are under any legal obligation to disclose your personal data under the law and/or regulation being in effect at any given time.
  • If this is absolutely necessary to preserve and protect the legitimate rights, property or safety of the Company, its customers or others, always taking into account the principle of proportionality.

6.1 The data we collect from you is safely stored and secured at the Company’s headquarters.

6.2 We do not do any kind of data transfers in order to avoid as much as possible the exposure of your data to risk.

6.3 We use computing systems that use firewall, antivirus, email security, and encryption systems with our sole concern to protect your personal data.


7.1 The Company is required, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force in Greece (such as tax and company law provisions), to keep a record of shipments for a period of 24 months.


7.2 We use the same period as a period of retention of all personal data we receive from you. In order not to hold the data for longer than is strictly necessary, we will destroy your personal data at the end of the period of 24 months from the date of completion and/or termination of our contractual relationship, i.e. the completion of our mission.


Through personal data laws, you have some specific rights. Please see below these rights:

8.1 Right of access:

You have the right to request access to your personal data. This right allows you to receive a copy of your personal data that we maintain.

8.2 Right to rectification

You have the right to request a correction of your personal data held by our Company. This allows you to modify inaccurate or incomplete data, although we may need to confirm the accuracy of the new data you submit to us.

8.3 Right of erasure

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data where we do not have a sufficient justification for the possession and processing thereof, either by law or by any other legal basis.

8.4 Right of objection

You have the right to oppose any processing where you feel that your situation is adversely affected by the processing of your data. In any case, the Company can demonstrate that it has a superior legal interest in processing your data.

8.5 Right to limit processing

This right allows you to request that processing of your data be restrained when:

(a) You want to verify the accuracy of your data.

(b) The processing of your data was illegal but you do not wish the erasure of your data.

(c) You want us to keep your personal data, though we no longer need it and we are not required by law to keep it, because you need it to promote or defend your legal claims.

8.6 Right of portability

You have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to the Company in digital form and/or request that they be forwarded to another processor without any objection from our part.

8.7 Exercise of rights

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please send an e-mail to [email address] or contact the telephone number [number] or visit any of the Company’s contact points all over Greece to submit a request.

8.8 Usually no fee is required

We will not ask you to pay any amount of money to exercise any of the above rights. However, we may ask you to pay a reasonable amount if your request is clearly unsubstantiated, repetitive or abusive. Alternatively, we can refuse to comply with your request in such circumstances.

8.8 What we may need from you

We may need to obtain specific information from you in order to confirm your identity and to guarantee your right to access your personal data or to exercise any other of your rights. It is a security measure to ensure that your personal data is not disclosed to any person who is not entitled to receive them. We may also contact you for more information regarding your request in order to speed up our response.

8.9 Response time limit

We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. We may need more than a month if your request is very complex or when you have submitted a number of requests. In this case, we will inform you and keep you up to date.

8.10 If you fail to provide personal information

Whenever we need to collect personal data from the law or under the terms of a contract that we have entered into with you and you fail to provide these personal data when we ask for it, then we may not be able to fulfill our obligations arising from the contract we have.


9.1 Any changes we make to this policy in the future will be posted on our site.


10.1 All your questions regarding your personal data are welcome and should be addressed to the Company’s DPO, email filter@precisebrew.com or telephone (+30 2114089735)

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