Maintenance instructions for the reusable filter PRECISE BREW® Advanced Coffee Filtration

We would like to thank you for choosing filters PRECISE BREW® Advanced Coffee Filtration.

Your decision can help save many trees. Hopefully the life cycle of reusable filter offers 1000 years * (Delter discs or AeroPress 150 uses) very delicious and aromatic coffee cups.

The most efficient way of filtering, the largest active flow surface, the absorption of vibrations during extraction, are some of its useful technical characteristics.

To be able to enjoy delicious cups of coffee, it is necessary to take care of the correct use of the filter and its cleaning.

  1. Once the filter is being used, it is advisable to remove the used granules as soon as possible. By removing the used grains that maintain a relatively high temperature * (be careful when in contact with the bare hand), the thermal stress is reduced & the filter fibers are relieved.
  1. Collect used coffee grounds in a separate container. It is an excellent fertilizer.
  1. Rinse immediately with cold water and allow to dry. The filter fibers do not absorb water but allow it to evaporate quickly.
  1. Depending on the size of the ground particles we use a regular cleaning which is required every 3-5 uses with a detergent.
  1. Detergent can be a common cup & dishwashing detergent, but most contain Pigments and Fragrances, which are harmful to sensitive coffee aromas. Hand sanitizers should not contact with the filter.
  1. We choose a detergent that is produced responsibly for the environment, with active ingredients of natural origin, without dyes, without additional fragrances.
  1. Applying a small drop of detergent on a liquid filter for a few seconds is enough to clean the filter and restore it to its original appearance.
  1. Then rinse to remove detergent and coffee grounds.
  1. The Precise Brew filter is ready to be reused.

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